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Spring Antebellum Pilgrimage in Natchez, Mississippi

Updated: May 12, 2020

This border city is home to one of the earliest settlements on the Mississippi River. It was established in 1716 by French colonists and it is still a quaint port today.

Perhaps the most striking thing about Natchez today is the beautifully maintained Antebellum homes. The grounds are covered in gorgeous flowers every spring, and the homes are open to the public for tours during the months of March and April. The Spring Antebellum Pilgrimage brings several thousand visitors each year to explore the extraordinary architecture while they are sipping their mint juleps. Visitors can view 200 year old homes and even meet some of the decedents still living there. Homes such as Rosalie Mansion and the Stanton Hall Mansion are just a few of over 13 homes open for tours.

After spending the day touring museums and Antebellum homes, check out one of several delicious dining places available. The King's Tavern, built in the late 1700's, serves craft cocktails and wood-fired treats. If you plan on spending a weekend and want to combine touring historic homes with a bit of evening fun, consider participating in a weekend murder mystery with Sitka Events. And when you are all done and not sure you can absorb much more history and culture, be sure to tuck yourself into one of the many one hundred plus year old bnbs for a peaceful night of rest.

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